Goodnight World Hard Cover Book
Goodnight World Hard Cover Book
Various Artists

Goodnight World Hard Cover Book

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A charming bedtime story to foster a serene sleeping environment for your child. 
26 First Nations and Native artists have been generous in sharing their art and culture for this book.

  • Made in Canada from paper sourced from sustainable forests
  • Printed locally using non-toxic, vegetable based ink and water based protective coating.  
  • Original designs by Indigenous artists.
  • Size: 8.25” 10.75”, 26 pages + cover
  • Hard Cover Book
  • Designed in Canada
    Manufactured in Canada
    ISBN: 978-1-55476-288-0

“Animals are highly respected in our culture and featured in our traditions. They are part of our stories, dances, songs, and in our dreams.” - Francis Horne Sr., Coast Salish

"Goodnight world rest in peace wake up renewed embrace the magic that we live in blessings to all that surrounds us respect all that is offered share the apirit within" - Corey Bulpitt, Haida

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