Reusable Bowl Covers - Moose (Set of 2)
Reusable Bowl Covers - Moose (Set of 2)
Terry Starr

Reusable Bowl Covers - Moose (Set of 2)

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An eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic wrap, these reusable cotton bowl covers are made for covering leftovers, salads, melons, dough and more. The integrated food safe lining prevents moisture from escaping and prolongs freshness of food.  Made with a 100% organic cotton exterior featuring bright Indigenous art.

Natural, Sustainable, Zero Waste

  • Artwork Motif: Moose
    Artist: Terry Starr
    Affiliation: Tsimshian
  • Includes 2 bowl covers. H
  • Small: Fits bowl up to 9.25"/23.5com diameter
    Large: Fits bowl up to 10.75"/27com diameter
  • GOTS certified 100% Organic Cotton Covers 50% polyurethane / 50% polyester FDA approved Lining (waterproof)

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