Native Art Moon design 100% Silk Tie

Native Art Moon design 100% Silk Tie

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Boxed Silk Tie with Native Art Moon design by Klatle-Bhi.

  • 100% Silk. Available in Red.
  • Matching fabric and design gift box
  • Artwork Motif: Moon
  • Artist: Klatle-Bhi

About Moon:
Moon:  the protector and keeper of Mother Earth, symbolizes power and prestige

About the artist:
Klatle-Bhi (pronounced “Klath-Bay”) is an artist of Squamish and Kwakwaka’wakw ancestry. He grew up in the Kwakiutl culture of mask dancing, singing, and potlatching and has played a prominent role in the recent revival of the sea-going canoe journeys. Klatle-Bhi’s art is an expression of his personal and spiritual journey, as well as a reflection of his respective cultures.

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