Bentwood Box - "Dragonfly"
Bentwood Box - "Dragonfly"
Bentwood Box - "Dragonfly"
Shain Jackson

Bentwood Box - "Dragonfly"

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In British Columbia, First Nations Peoples used these unique, and beautifully adorned traditional containers to store our most precious of possessions. These containers are commonly known as “Bentwood Boxes”. Aside from their decor, one of the aspects distinguishing the Bentwood Box from other wooden boxes lies in its construction. The body of the container is constructed using only a single piece of West Coast cedar! The cedar is grooved on the corners and thoroughly steamed in order to painstakingly bend the piece into what you see before you.

  •  Dragonfly - "The Philosopher" Dragonfly symbolize an ever changing spirit, able to see through life's illusions, provoking deep thought and compassion.
  • Artist: Shain Jackson is a Coast Salish Artist from the First Nation community of Sechelt. 

  • Made of wood ( cedar ), and shell inlaid

  • Approximate size: 3.5"x3.5"x2.5"
  •  A product information card and a Certification of Authenticity card is  include in each package.
  • 100% made in British Columbia, Canada

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